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i. ventricloquist

Yank my artery strings
for the cardiac puppet
show.  My veins orate
speeches on the taboo.
My heart’s loudspeaker
drowns out the decibels
of my dendrites

ii. systolic phase

This time bomb thumps
to the thought of your lip
balm smacking its dynamite
against my kerosene.  Your
coronary kisses electrify me

iii. said the thalamus to the atria

The orphanage
in my limbic system
harbors the hearts of
every guy who has
ever flirted with me
underneath its

iv. arrhythmia absolved

Lysol my amygdala
until these infected
lobes relinquish the
imprisoned lovers
in each chamber

v. aortion clinic

the jar of
that sits upon
my neck
on meeting my (pace)maker
my head
is bigger than
my heart
is bigger than
my mouth

but nothing compares to my
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
I swear
by our liplocked Eden:
you must be the missing key in my life
because your dick game is off the chain
You’d like me better
       with your last name.
I’d like you better
       with a Y chromosome.
Iggy Azalea waved to me [yesterday she did a free show at my school]
We are spell-sewn voodoo dolls
living in a Malibu Beach House
constructed by plastic architects
brewing their fucked-up genetic

I am Ken’s genitalia–
mistaken for a man
       nequin toss me
back in
the box
       or plutonic recycle
       b              i          n

       A few spare parts litter
       the linoleum.  I am not
       among them.  I am not
       apologizing for vice or

I catapult bricks at cardinals.
       Slingshot: 1
       Cardinal: 0
       How’s that for
       having no direction?


Eat the pomegranate,
taunts your shoulder.
Please inject your pins
into my cotton-
stuffed effigy
already.  I
 rehearsed for this
curse   a couple of
 hours ago


You cannot cruci
fix me.
Pandora's Toybox
Persephone and I are bffs
Leagues separate us
in all manners
but anatomy.

Your Punnett Square is full,
and the only time we spend
together in this hologram’s
Venn Diagram is
when comparing

shed Y from my alphabet
and shift four spaces left.
Eclipse my solar plexus–
moonstruck by libidinous

{Fed-Ex my ex
my sex because
          double x
marks the spot
in which I want
to bury my
treasure chest}

I hire Osiris the Eunuch
as my captain & Lorena
Bobbitt as my pancreas’
surgeon.  I’d hire you as
my biologist if you were
not already too occupied
with dipoles.

My unresolved resolution:
to sail with normal you on
your exclusive yacht, yet I
fit not into your dock.

I snap our magnet in half
& toss it into the Atlantic
with the ashes of another
reverie unwritten.
Member Ship
putting the S.S. in ass
smooth sailing

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That-Random-Child Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2015  Student Writer
Hi. I really, really love your writing. Meow :3 
I am trying to think of words to describe my love for your writing, but I can't.
Words cannot describe it.
You're amazing. 
megsmad Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2015
do you even still read the lists!? THEY ARE STILL HERE AND THERE
(1 Reply)
calliopen Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
daaaaang i love your work. all the little innuendos make me laugh, and the imagery is just. ugh. thanking my friend for mentioning you to me :)
(1 Reply)
MaydayWeCrashed Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014
oh ma ga!
i still havent found ma berries
(1 Reply)
Beaple Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
Remember when the wind would lift us up, where we could see just far enough to make our mouths go dry? Trying to drink it in through our eyes, tongues glued to the roofs of our mouths, ankles breaking as we hit the ground.

My mended legs have bended strange, but it's splendid laying down.

Thanks for still being around.
(1 Reply)
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