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deviation in storage by DeadmansCrescendo


Let me carry
the weight of
your heart
upon my shoulders

Gently rest
between the
crevices of
my clavicles &
I become Atlas
 (your celestial


I've asked history's
greatest architects
for a copy of your
body's blueprints;
I've snuck into art
museums, chased
after geographers
&Venusian tailors;
alas, the roadmap
to your soul leads
to the most  magnificent  chateaux
to ever bless the heavens: a scene
                                 unfit for my
                                 mortal eyes


Gravity vanished at the touch of
your skin (carefully stitched
from the lushest clouds
  the sky could offer,
a majestic patchwork
of all my wishes alive)
my fingers forgot
their purpose as they
eclipsed into your

You smiled all of
the stars at once

and when your
lips met mine,
I melted
the world
Your Lips Dripped Ambrosia
just when i thought i was done writing poems about you, you kiss me
why, irony?   why?
i am regressing back to high school obsession

(i can't promise you the world
    because you are the world)
love is a myth:
a dove’s brittle wish--
pheromone bones
to be dug in a ditch
(such an abyss)
it’s a bug by a witch
cupid’s coven: a kiss
that’s infected by hexes
i’m lockin’ lips with the apocalypse

the stars are fated
my heart has waited
behind the bars of Satan
darkness fading
LOVE and LUST are guards
and I’m incarcerated
in Mephisto’s prison; it
strips sinners of their innocence
I’m seeking deliverance
please save me from this limerence

a flaming chamber of shame
man it starts in the heart
works its way to the brain
i can’t be saved
i’m damned yet
my heart keeps on bleeding too damaged i’m banished from the garden of eden
i’m a weed in the devil’s conservatory
i’m a supernova crashing into purgatory

tossing coins in the loins of an unwell well
cause my wishes so sick they got a coughing spell
love’s a wicked/twisted malediction; my heart’s off to hell
love’s a shovel buries you alive with no coffin bell to ring
01) limerence
first track off…
my new album [free to download]
i won't post the other lyrics because they're all on the bandcamp description [or already up here cause i rehashed an old poem into a ballad but yeah]

notice: mature content not for the poem but for the rest of the album except the last track

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Prelude2ahiss Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2015
We need to shut this down
Maybe all we need is one big dumb clown
A clown that has no tolerance for assholes around
Who doesn't give a shit
About y chromosome
Or who is in the pit
Maybe we should
Take it back
To a better time
When a good rhythm rhyme
Was "Spinal Tap"
That-Random-Child Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Hi. I really, really love your writing. Meow :3 
I am trying to think of words to describe my love for your writing, but I can't.
Words cannot describe it.
You're amazing. 
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meghan-solo Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2015
do you even still read the lists!? THEY ARE STILL HERE AND THERE
(1 Reply)
calliopen Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
daaaaang i love your work. all the little innuendos make me laugh, and the imagery is just. ugh. thanking my friend for mentioning you to me :)
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MaydayWeCrashed Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014
oh ma ga!
i still havent found ma berries
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